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CHADO : The Way Of Tea

CHADO : The Way Of Tea

CHADO - The Way of Tea “The Way of Tea is a cult founded on the love of beauty in even the most basic pursuits of our daily life. The philosophy...
Interview with Mariana Alzamora - White Moon Vase

Interview with Esteemed Ceramicist, Mariana Alzamora

Mariana Alzamora, a ceramicist and painter living on the island of Mallorca, takes ancient and mythological tales as source material for her art. Read our interview with this esteemed ceramic artist.
Surface Detailing in Handmade Ceramics

Surface Detailing in Handmade Ceramics

One of the things that makes our handmade ceramics collection at Maud and Mabel so eclectic is the variety of surface detailing. With particular methods and techniques, ceramicists create surface detailing that makes their work irrefutably their own.
Natural Forms in Sofie Berg's Designs

Natural forms in Ceramic Design - 5 Ceramicists Whose Designs Merge the Outdoors with our Interiors

At Maud and Mabel we represent many artists who take inspiration from the natural world. Explore five ceramicists whose organic ceramics are directly informed by their experiences of nature and their surroundings